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Discover Scuba Dive (Shore)

This is the perfect program if you want to experience scuba diving in a controlled, safe environment from ₹ 8,500.

Luxury Speed Boat Cruising

The yacht is furnished with comfortable and elite Interiors and fully furnished kitchen with crockery cutlery and glasses. The boat provides 1 Bedroom with Music System, Sunbath, Speakers, USB Port with LCD TV and Mobile Charging facilities

Speed Boat Ride

Feel the rush of Power…and glide through the Waves. Speed boats rides can give you maximum fun and a thrilling experience on the sea !!!!!. It is an attractive, powerful and spacious motor yacht with impressive performance at sea, easy to handle even at top speed. Want to create your own cruising experience? Whether it’s about having a romantic time on board or having an adventurous time out.


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